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CMP - Quick Christmas Packs Are HERE! - Tuesday 01 November, 2016
Quick Christmas Packages are Here!

Now that the Holiday season has kicked into full gear now that Halloween is over, we know that many do not have the time to sit down at the computer and choose Christmas cards. So, let us do it for you!

Comstock will send you our BEST SELLERS, including new styles from 2016 for Christmas! All YOU have to do is CHOOSE the package!

Since all of our designs are 100% Guaranteed, you can return them after the holidays for Valentines and then Everyday!

So, choose a package and just say SEND THIS ONE!

All packages are sent USPS Priority!

Thank you for being such GREAT Comstock customers!
Welcome to our NEW Website! - Wednesday 19 October, 2016
Our new website has FINALLY arrived!

A few changes: Even if you have registered before, you MUST do it again. Your personal information did not transfer (mostly passwords).

ALL items and pricing is for PIECES - even cards! Sale pricing is clearly marked - so, no more guessing! (Retail pricing is still the standard until your account has been switched to WHOLESALE).

We have also re-released many previously "RETIRED" designs.

There are many more changes coming - more "RETIRED" and BRAND NEW cards, more personal service, bi-monthly calls, quarterly Best Sellers - emailed/faxed, FaceBook and Pinterest notices, sales and much more!

REMEMBER: What was once OLD is NEW again! We are going back to what worked in the past - personal service!